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This is a body postive blog. This blog is for the love and appreciation of under appericated cosplayers. This love and appreciation is expressed through the posting of awesome, epic and badass cosplays who just so happen to be 'plus size', or otherwise have 'non-ideal' body types.

While the main focus of this blog is larger cosplayers, PLUS-SIZED DOES NOT EQUATE TO UGLY OR WRONG, FAT IS NOT A BAD WORD and being called plus-sized is not an insult! There are many body types that fall under this heading (for the purposes of this blog) and it is the intention of this blog to show that you don't need to be shaped like an action figure or a model to have brilliant cosplay and look amazing. The goal is to celebrate ALL body types that don't fall under the generally accepted 'ideal'.

Far too often we only see these cosplayers posted and used in order for people to body police and to tell others what they should and should do within a hobby that is meant to be fun, enjoyable and often times empowering.

There will be NONE of that nonsense here. If you submit and I feel that you are submitting something just to 'take the piss' and be an arsehole I will not post it. If it continues I will simply ban you. Likewise, if you reblog something from this blog and add anything nasty, mean, body-policing or out of turn I will block you from this blog.

I will not allow the mean-spirited trolls of the internets to muck-up what this blog is meant to be about.

I am not perfect and therefore may occasionally make blunders when sending things to the queue to share, but I will be taking extra care from now on when making queuing runs. If you find a photo of yourself here and you wish it not to be simply send a message to the ask box and it will be removed with apologies.

Thank you, Management.